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Types of Coaching

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There are a number of coaching styles around.  And even though each type specializes in something, much of the knowledge and skills involved are shared across all forms, only they’re applied in different areas of life.  This means that all types of coaches need to take into account all aspects of the client’s life, as their changes will affect those areas.

Life Coaching

Life coaches deal with all dimensions of a client’s life, personal, professional, health, relationships and so on.  This means that there is a broad reach for the coach to assist in all aspects of the client’s life, for example relationships with family and friends, exercise, career satisfaction, diet and so on.

Career Coaching

Career coaches specialize in coaching people who are looking to change careers, find a new job or get back into the market after a break from work.  Career coaches will often work with recruitment agencies to assist their clients in successful career placements.  And as with all types of coaching, career planning must take into account personal life as well as professional, so this is not an isolated form of coaching.

Business Coaching

Business coaches coach their clients on professional issues.  Coaching can involve working with individual managers to whole teams, depending on the arrangement.  Needless to say, happy people work better and can considerably improve the business’ results of the organization they work for.  Typically business coaching can be packaged as a follow-up to business training and courses; this ensures that the key messages of the training can be promoted into use.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaches specialize in coaching executive level clients, dealing mainly with people who have authority and power within organizations.  Executive coaches usually hail from the corporate world and easily fit into and understand the corporate environment.  As such they understand the way things work, as well as the sort of pressures that executives are under and the types of decisions they need to make. 

Sports Coaching

Coaching as we know it began from sports coaching.   Nowadays it is unusual for top athletes not to have a coach, usually someone who was successful in their time.

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